I’m going to be trying something new on the site, with interviews and guest posts from smart people I know in the industry who have interesting things to say on film development, production and distribution.

I’m currently editing down the first of these interviews, which I hope to put up next week. The original transcript clocked in at 7000 words, so bear with me.

In the meantime, here’s the second idea I’d like to trial, a weekly roundup on links, stories, case studies and reports I found interesting from some other very smart people.

An Analysis Of Internet Trends in 2014 For Independent Film by Bond/360’s Marc Schiller

Independent filmmakers need to understand the market, how it’s changing and what that means for your films.

Marc goes into platforms for distribution, with digital revenues for individual films in the traditional marketplaces falling rapidly but digital revenue from self-serve platforms like Vimeo and VHX on the rise, the success of niche films catering to niche audiences, changes in online marketing from Facebook to Vine, Instagram and Pinterest and much more.

The BFI Statistical Yearbook

At 252 pages, the BFI Statistical Yearbook ain’t something you can polish off in your coffee break but it’s a wealth of information on the big picture for UK film. Knowledge is power. What’s being produced and making bank at the box office? Which genres are performing well? Who are they people watching movies? How are they watching them?

Understand your audience. In 2013, 15-24 age group made up the largest proportion of UK cinema admissions, at 33%. DVD might be in decline, but it’s not dead yet. The 2013 UK physical media market worth £1.6 billion in rental & sales.

Want to know more about Hollywood accounting and the hidden costs for film with promotion? The BFI estimates the average advertising cost for a UK studio backed film is £1.4 million.

Finally, two industry giants talking about the changes and nature of the film and TV business.

Kevin Spacey’s MacTaggart Lecture in 2013 at The Edinburgh Television Festival

Steven Soderbergh’s State of Cinema address at the San Francisco Film Festival

Agree, disagree, questions, thoughts? Hit me up in the comments.

Picture Credit – BBC test card, adapted by my friend Hannah Elisabeth

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